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Watch Them Fall Down

DJ Spoke – Watch Them Fall Down

So I went testing another MMORPG. I want to end up one Flyff again sometime soon, but I thought I would check out Asda story. It’s still on it’s first server and you can tell it’s still brand spankin new. But that will be what is fun about it. I can start it up, and then come back to it later when it is more developed. Which is what I had done with Flyff.
The controls in game are awkward. It’s hard to preset keys without overwrtting another. You have to remember what is on each key, cause there isn’t really a quick ref. to check back on. I hate that you don’t just have a quick key for inventory/quests/skills. You have to keep the buttons visible on the screen to get to them. And one point my game died while I was in a shop, and I lost those buttons when I logged back in until I went back into that shop.
Another thing, where do they come up with the costume designs for the characters? xD

She’s only like Level 13 here, and these guys are pretty easy, although they did get the better of me once xP I made the mistake of running through a bunch of them at once not knowing they would attack anyone in range and follow them D: …yeah, cause the other monsters didn’t do that. 


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