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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Bleh, forgot to write up some sort of review for the movie. I went to go see it a good month ago now xP

Anywho, i’ve been a big fan of the Mummy movies. They made Brendan Fraser so old in this one! D: He still had some great lines and good shots, but I didn’t really like how much they played up the "Old father" side of his character. Another thing that continued to bug me the entire movie was that there is a new actress playing the role of Evelyn. I tried to get used to her, but I just couldn’t shake the fact that she was nothing like the original.
The movie was still great though. One highlighting moment is when the Yak literally Yakks all over Jonathan xD
And the best movie quote –  Jonathan: "Ah! My ass is on fire! My ass is on fire! Spank my ass. Spank my ass!"

For the heck of it, i’ve also been watching some older movies that I have


Just watched it today, I love it. Can’t get some of the songs out of my head now, but thats okay xD

 Christain Bale singing and dancing, it’s all good (:


Rewatching this series, I actually noticed a number of things I hadn’t the first time around. 

I was able to understand better what Chi was, and what the "one for me" theme meant. The relationships whether humanxhuman or persocomexhuman, it was about being loved for who you are, and not to go into a relationship halfassed.

The newest series…

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

I must admit, for a long time I didn’t want to watch this series, because it involved characters from CCS
I’m only about 10 episodes in, but I’m already fond of the story, and I don’t mind so much that my beloved Characters from CCS are in this series. (although, I rather wish Clamp had made original characters for Tsubasa chronicle).
I love my Sakura and Syaoran from CCS!

It seems the same ideals that Clamp uses in thier stories exists in Tsubasa Chronicle. The "it will definately be alright" (I love that spell) theme from Cardcaptor Sakura still holds in this series.

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