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Hey I’m Nynex :D I used to work at a Jellyneo.net, a Neopets Help site. This blog is mainly to amuse me with all the strange things that happen while online and my obsessions with music. I started using the name Nynex online after reading it in a book. Yes it used to be a phone company :P But that no longer exists, and I thought it was a pretty neat word to use as a pseudonym. So I adopted it. :D Some dude who makes electronic music also uses the name, we are not affiliated at all.  Sadly, although I love electronic music, his stuff just isn’t to my taste. Puts the name to shame ):


  • I love jpop! Namie Amuro, Do as Infinity, Ayumi Hamazaki and Morning Musume. I have also found a number of kpop artists I enjoy. Like Big Bang, and Wondergirls.
  • I also love upbeat, dance, techno tracks. Mainly ATB, Paul Oakenfold, BT and DJ Encore, Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Cerf Mitiska & Jeran. If you are curious, I was recently told I needed to update my last.fm, so it can be found here.
  • I love Movies. Scary, drama, romantic, or action. I’ll watch most anything :P My favorites would probably be – Star Wars (Ep 4-6), Lord of the Rings (Trilogy), Indiana Jones, The Saint & the Harry Potter movies.
  • I love anime – Card Captor Sakura is my all time favorite anime. I can’t get enough of that series, I watch it all the time. I’ve also enjoyed other series, you can check out my anime list here.
  • I also love watching K-dramas and J-dramas. I get bored of the overused ‘reality tv’ shows that are aired on TV here, so I decided to try something different. You can find a list of my favorite shows here.
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday. Every year all my family gathers at my grandma’s house on Christmas eve, and we play games and eat :3 Then the next morning at home we open presents. It’s always a fun time.
  • Although I love chocolate, I usually go for gummie candies. So anything from fruity Starbursts to gummy worms :D
  • I totally love the color blue. Generally if I’m looking for something to buy, or pick from, if it comes in blue I’m automatically gravitated toward it.

//Useless Facts

  • I’ve lived in California all my life o.o I actually don’t consider moving out of the state, I’ve always loved it here.
  • I’ve also never been out of the country. The only place I would really want to visit is Japan.
  • I’ve been in a cast only once in my life. When I was 2 years old a glass bottle broke in my hand and the glass shards went into my hand.
  • I’m actually really quiet in real life o.o I swear I talk louder than I do, but apparently not.
  • My sister nearly read the entire Babysitters Club book series to me. :D She never let me touch her books, so she would read them aloud to me.
  1. December 23, 2012 at 6:34 am

    We will miss you

  2. January 2, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Best wishes in the future.

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