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//The month was not over with us.

//A head on collision on the interstate. She’s been in the ICU for over a week. She was on a ventilator and sedated for a week, but she’s finally coming off the drugs and we can talk with her now. She still has a few surgeries to go, and months of recovery and rehabilitation, but she survived. The car is done, salvaged what we could get out of it that wasn’t destroyed. The criminal case is rather complicated atm, as there are other factors involved besides the collision.  The investigators have told us bits and pieces, but there is a lot they won’t say while it’s still ongoing. (hm, thank goodness for that social media that he just left there for people to rummage through… )

//In addition to the madness. Another is in the hospital for what we thought was Appendicitis. Turns out it’s not, and of course, a more complicated case of diverticulitis. She has just come out of her second surgery, and will probably be in the hospital for another week.

//UPDATE: to last night’s surgery, they found and removed what may have been cancer (results not in yet). That is what caused the rupture leak and infection.

//Might as well go back to living at the hospital again…

//I’m done with October.

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