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//Twin Saga

//So I had joined a recent beta test. If you are a fan of either Eden Eternal or Aura Kingdom, then you will be able to see the elements they pulled from both of those games. You can play all classes like EE and the gameplay, story, achievement system is all similar to AK.

//Didn’t realize I took this one when changing outfits. But I saw it later and realized she looked seasick.

//Well that just sounds pleasant… But yes, continue D:

//Wha… explains the seasickness.

//Long day. Nap time! :D At least we get a (riding) house. Reminds me of Howl’s moving castle. Lot bigger on the inside as well xD

//All I could think when I saw him was “Kanrik! Is that you?!” I miss Kanrik ;-;

//Pokemon Adventures – So when he said “Monster Marbles” The first thing I thought of was Pokeballs. Wasn’t wrong.

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