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//It’s a problem when you avoid getting too invested in kpop because the fandoms are full of psychopaths. Why can’t a person just enjoy it? It’s fun.
Anyway, I kept avoiding getting to know more BTS songs. I kept hearing 호르몬 전쟁 on the radio. It’s such a fun song. I eventually checked out the MV and ended up getting hooked. Dangit, they are a drug. And Bighit is good at keeping you an addict. They put out so much content to consume, that you can’t possibly go a day without finding something.


//Thank you V, for making me lose my frikin’ mind. ’95 Liners, how could you do this to me? ;p
I think that is actually from the set of the Japanese MV version of Boy In Luv. Which by the way, makes it far more fun to find ways to get access to the Japanese versions, since they get blocked in the US.

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