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//Mackenzie and Chantel are going to be here in a month! :D Unfortunately we still don’t have a place for the to live.  We had a place… for like a day.  So we found this perfect little cottage, by a stream, it was exactly what Chantel was looking for. She talked with the owner about renting, they made an agreement, everything was going great. Then someone has to go and say “This is clearly Divine Intervention”. I… don’t really agree with those that say that to like every good thing that happens to them in life. It’s overused, and clearly doesn’t hold up. A few days later the little cottage suffered from a sinkhole. Yeah, it’s too close to that stream, and the water has washed away the ground underneath. So that place is unlivable until repairs. So we are on the hunt once again to find a place.

Eventually Chantel and Mackie will move into the new house when it’s built. But that won’t be for awhile, so they need a temporary place. Unfortunately, due to circumstances in this area (because of a new state legalization), there are no places to rent.

//It will get sorted. One way or the other.

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