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//Sometimes you just have to applaud the persistence of the Neopets community. While venturing on to r/neopets today, I came across this topic by a well known Neopian Times writer and head of Jellyneo’s Book of Ages, Herdy. He would like to start a movement called #KorbatGate – To remind people to not lose sight of the fraud the Neopets JumpStart team has committed.

//In light of the recent security issues, the discussion has been overshadowed and nearly forgotten in many of our concerns. But it should not be allowed to be swept under the rug.

//While it has been proven true that if enough of a public uproar is stirred over a situation (ie. Staff layoffs, Transparent Peophin and recent Korbat image ‘similarity’) it has warranted an official statement or even action by the JumpStart team. However, we have not seen proper results in the stolen Korbat art.

//We need to keep the discussion open and give it more attention.  While I’m not an advocate of Buzzfeed’s typically poor quality articles, it does garner a lot of attention. Feel free to share this article; Neopets Teaches Important Life Lessons – Like How To Commit Fraud – as it allows us to have a voice.

//I’m all for the fansites to agree to a Blackout. I’m sure they won’t. Because they are playing the quiet game of ‘if neopets shuts down, our sites shut down too, so lets not upset the status quo’. And that is true. Fansites have a lot to lose when traffic to Neopets.com dwindles. But if the fansites are not there for the fans, then they are not really fansites.

//Dress to impress has also joined in the fight against stolen fan art. Matchu has posted an open letter on the official Dress to Impress blog. It’s full of a lot of really good points on the legality of stolen fan art that should be considered.

//Youtuber/PetSimmer, Julie has also posted a video on the stolen art.

//Also, stay safe out there. Flash is a rotten dying fish and bored Neopets players are using an exploit to dump your accounts. There really isn’t anything that TNT can do to secure this exploit. It’s a flash vulnerability that won’t go away until sites change over to HTML5.

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