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//The most recent uproar with the state of Neopets has been it’s inconsistency with item and pet art. The new (JumpStart) art shows a lack of knowledge on the site and characters. Most Neopians feel that the new artists just don’t really care about the site and it is reflected in the quality they are releasing. With a few complaints on the quality, pet images have been updated, and the item quality has even improved in the past few months. However, you can still see that they are taking a lot of short cuts. Reusing stock images, resizing pet poses and plastering them onto an item. It becomes very awkward looking, but in general, people were more pleased to see this change.

But now they seem to be taking art from the fans. Pulling stock images by what is referred as the ‘Google Image Search’ – not actually creating the images themselves, or even looking on their internal image storage for art they could reuse. They have taken from a well known fan made pet adoptables site called Suta-Ratio. The fan site is no longer active, but it is well known among Neopians. And if you are wondering, the Korbat image is one of the top results when searching for Korbat in Google Images.

//Fan Art on Suta-ratio.com

//Neopets item

//A cannon Korbat actually has a pointed tail, the fanart has a square tail.

//The original artist from suta-ratio was contacted via Tumblr about the item similarity.

//This is Neopets’ official reply to the ‘art similarity’

//Clearly they can’t just fess up and admit were the art came from. That or ‘the fool they call an artist’ lied to them and they believed it. You be the judge.

//If you are a fan and an artist, I recommend watermarking your work before uploading it to tumblr. :/

//Update: The original artist posted an update to the response from TNT on her Tumblr

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