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//I’m super excited now that an ex-employee of JumpStart has come forward on r/neopets

I’ve been hoping someone would give credible enlightenment to the situation behind JumpStart.

This person claims to be previously employed with JumpStart. In case his account gets removed due to some Cease&Desist, I captured some of his posts.

Without being able to confirm his identity, it is up to you to believe what he has to say or not.

//EDIT: When asked to provide evidence of employment, they replied with this:

//This gives us a good look at the staff situation inside. With all the layoffs, who is left running Neopets? Well, it appears to be just a handful, and it’s being run from India. It also confirms that Taylor Lord, is the daughter of CEO David Lord. (More information on her in this post).

JumpStart is suffering financially. Even with cutbacks, Neopets and other JS properties are not doing well.

//With the company in debt, do people still believe the ‘comforting’ words of David Lord that the site will remain open? Or is this the beginning of bankruptcy and closure?

//6/30 Update

//The REAL updates. I get so tired of every time something happens on Neopets, the only things we hear about are the whining cries of those who want to know about UC’s or Habitarium. People, there are other things going on in the background you should consider, UC’s are not on the top of the list for anyone. It’s like you have been given the rarest opportunity to talk to your idol, someone super famous, the president, and you can only ask them one question. Just ONE question. And the question you ask is about UC’s. Humanity dies.

//Neopets is in real danger. It could very well close down. This is a real danger. Those who are denying it on tumblr are not seeing how bad this situation really is. They want to be blind to it.

How many Neopets users got into the Meteor Games when Adam & Donna came back around? How many of you saw what happened when their company went bankrupt? They denied, and denied and denied that anything was wrong. But guess what, their games closed down.

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