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//She was transferred to the hospital in San Fransisco over a week ago and they have yet to do any surgery at all. We were told when she got there, that if they couldn’t turn things around, she had only a few days.

//She has regained conciseness since then, and has been responsive with hand squeezes when asked questions. But she is not out of the woods. The doctors were trying to get an infection under control before they could do the double organ transplant. She’s currently on 24/7 dialysis because her kidneys and liver are no longer working.

//The internal bleeding, which they were never able to stop. Her body has been completely flushed of it’s own blood, and replaced with new blood over the course of the 3 weeks that it started.

//When there is nothing left you can do, you wait. Wait for news on her condition, for the surgery, for anything.

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