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//From what we know. A very substantial layoff has occurred through Neopets and other JumpStart properties. A layoff, or downsizing does not indicate that there will be new hires to replace these lost workers. In fact, a downsizing sounds just as it is. Less employees, decrease in production, cutting projects.

The layoffs across all properties indicates that there will be a shortage of resources to produce and man any updates, fixes, etc.

I’m not really sure where the ideas are coming from that there will be a whole new staff coming in to take over. If they are in a bad financial situation, why would they be open to hiring people they would eventually have to pay? We also have no conclusive evidence that they are hiring for Neopets whatsoever.

The listings that are currently open have been there for some time. Even ones that I’ve seen prior to the migration of Neopets to JumpStart. Please read each of them thoroughly. Yes, some of them say they are for positions in India. This however does NOT mean they are outsourcing jobs to India. In fact, JumpStart has properties located in India. Those listings are for those jobs (not for Neopets).

//We have heard that a small crew of programmers, support, and monitors remain. Likely less than the original group. (for example: if there were 10 original programmers, we may be down to 3?) how many of the original programmers/support/monitors do you think remain working?

//Programmers will likely be able to fix errors and broken areas of the site. They can write/update coding or depending on their area of expertise, create the backbone structures for games (possibly mobile). It is unknown if any of these include Database manager.

//Support there to answer tickets and pass on problems to higher ups. From what we are aware, support does not actually take part in any fixes or updates needed for the site. They seem to be a middle man between the users and the tech.

//Monitors are there to keep the site safe. Controlling the typical chatter across the boards and neomail, and monitoring for scams, hacks, pedophiles etc.

//Who have we lost? The creative team? That can be a broad area.

//Artists – these are the people that not only recolor a species, but they make every individual clothing shape for 55 different species of pets. Without them, how are we likely to get more wearables? Will the mall really sustain the site anymore? Without mall sales, where will JumpStart employees be getting any money from Neopets? Artists are needed for every individual item created on neopets. Are we going to see any new items once the pre-made items are dried up? Art is used all over the site, and for many events as well.

//Content – These people give names to items, descriptions and even activate them into the system so that we may buy them in shops. They add the rarity and price to an item. For new battledome items, they assign them icons, and give them the properties that make them work in the battledome. Need to feed your pet? They make it so the item is eatable. They give function to items. Do we know if anyone is left who knows all these specifics for items? Need a pet added to the Rainbow pool? They are not only related to items, content has many areas around the site. They are those who have built the lore of the world. Every character, place, story, these people give it life.

//Creative Content – (I’m giving this title loosely because I don’t know a proper title, other than content. But I wanted to distinguish between this section and the last.) These are the people who keep all the user contests running. Caption contest judge, Neopian times, Art gallery, Spotlight judge etc. Without them, there will be no contests or content that need to be reviewed and judged by staff. There will be no Neopian Times, or editorial.

//Other – I can’t even say for sure what other remained or were let go. But I do know there were many working departments that had different responsibilities. Marketing, producing, etc.  This area remains a mystery.

//Why do people think there will be new staff? Typically, when running a business. You bring in new staff while old staff is there. This allows you to have someone who is knowledgeable about the company to train a new employee. This method is not being used for Neopets. No one is going to be trained at a new job. Why would you throw an entirely new crew at something that they haven’t the slightest what to do with it?

Also, JumpStart seems to be short on employees for all it’s properties right now.  It’s not really feasible to have employees from one area do a job for another at the same time.

//Lord JumpStart – I’m not one to blindly follow the words of upper management. His message, although reassuring, was full of vague and empty promises. Of course he was going to tell us that everything is fine. Why in the world would he tell us that the company is in trouble, or there are financial problems, or anything real at all? He didn’t give any explanation or proof of what he said. He just made it sound pretty. I have no doubt he will do that until the very day things dissolve completely.

I would have felt that the message would have been more sincere had it come from someone at Neopets that we knew and respected.

//Side Note: If you are feeling glad that TNT is no longer there because of some grievance you have with them, think about who that grievance came from. I’ve seen multiple comments from Neopians saying they are glad for the loss of TNT because they didn’t respond to a ticket. This logic baffled me, as support responds to tickets, and as far as we know, support remains. Please think about who you are slandering, before you slander them.

//Addendum: no, I’m not a professional blogger. This is a personal blog of my personal views. (and other nonsense). Take it with a grain of salt, as you would anything else.
  1. Erika
    March 19, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    I really like your commentary about all this and the questions you raise. I am so glad I found this blog. Thank you for making it. I have posted a link to it from my Facebook account since I think you have a lot of credibility being a JN staffer as well. :)

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