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//So what does that mean for the fate of Neopets?

//It’s been a full year since the sale of Neopets to Knowledge Adventure/Jumpstart. Although the sale was a year ago, I wasn’t expecting any big new features/updates/improvements until after September 2015. I was willing to give Jumpstart a full year after the “transition period” to see what will become of the site.

//Since yesterdays lay offs, I don’t see a very hopeful future for Neopets. In fact, this will be the first time ever that I feel the site is doomed for closure.

//How can they afford to fire more programmers when we all know the site is a complete mess? Who is even left to fix/work on it? Even the maintenance updates have stopped, while the site continues to fall apart.

//Ghoul Catchers release is met with bittersweet confusion. The launch of the app was haphazardly announced via Neopets twitter. However, no new features update or mention was made about the games release.  In fact, no new features were posted at all. With the removal of a number of staff members, releasing new content on the site didn’t become a priority.

//New users coming from the release of the app will only be further disappointed by the decay of the website. Leaving the app as a poor use for bringing in new users.  People will likely play the app as a stand alone game, than to be drawn in by a website that doesn’t even load.

//So what does downsizing mean for Neopets? Could it mean that the site will remain as is with minimal updates? no updates? eventual closure?

//I have been fully preparing myself for the end of Neopets. Dedicating time to taking screenshots of things I would like to remember.

//Also, I would like to give my thanks to all those who have contributed to Neopets over the years. You all have been amazing, and you have given so much to so many people. Good luck to all those who will be moving on from this venture to start something new.

  1. March 8, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Guess I am going to stop buying NC and NC items for the time being until I know for sure the site isn’t going down. #neopets

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