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//The times when you wish you knew the right words.

//The world can be cruel in many ways. She came and confessed her love for him. But not to him… no, because he’s gay, and she can’t ever tell him the truth. She claimed she would be willing to carry his and his mates babies just to stay with him.

I of course knew she had eyes for him. That has been known to many for quite some time. However, I had hoped she would put those feelings aside. But it’s gone a step further now that she is confessing to others that she’s in love with him.

He hasn’t a clue of course. Too friendly and open for his own good. He doesn’t see the harm in stringing girls along, with no other intentions for them but a friendship.  Not that I blame him, he’s perfectly open about his sexuality, there is no room for confusion. I just wish he could see the pain he is putting her through in his oblivion.

What more can you tell her, but to give this up. She must accept him for who he is, and stop thinking that her affections for him will change him.

//Love really isn’t fair, to any orientation. It’s blind, stupid and reckless. It has a will of it’s own.

//Even understanding someones pain, doesn’t mean you can fix it.

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