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//Concluded the last of my medical appointments for this year. To another year of hopefully less visits :P  Got my results back from my latest batch of testing. Everything was coming up normal. I’m finally over a giant hurdle that I didn’t think there was a way over.

I would say that the last few years I was giving in to it, not allowing myself to get better. When you have doctors give you worst case scenario, whether organ failure or illness that I just can’t recover from.

//I still don’t believe people are genuine. Choosing not to tell people how sick I have been, or the reasons for coming here. People choose pity over genuine support. Those are the things I’ve learned from others. Not to trust or believe in them. I’m sure it would be nice if I could say I’ve learned just the opposite, but that’s just not reality. I suppose everyone has their own selfish reasons for things. We just accept that. I finally have.

(There is no time for you, Tomoyo – sorry, have to let you go.)

//Now I just need to build strength back. I’ve slowly been able to get involved in programs again. Just finally got someone moved into a new place. Took nearly 5 months to get all the ducks in a row :P That was a challenge, she was a wreck, everything was a mess, and just the long transition period of her just being basically homeless.  But in and settled before the Christmas holidays was the goal, and it was met.

//Also, new Au5 release ;o

//Au5 – Crossroad (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

Say the words. Even if it hurts. We’ve been pretending nothing’s wrong far too long. Say it out loud. Like you really mean it now. Cause this is the last time.

We’re at the crossroad. And I can’t let it go. I tried to make you stay. But you’re already far away. We’re at the crossroad. And I let it go. Now I know this much is true. I won’t be running after you.

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