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//It has taken me over a year, but I finally achieved my Neopets goal of getting my battle pet a high enough level to train at the Secret Ninja School. :D I kept his HSD even as I trained him up, but power leveled him from 200 to 250. He finally made it!

For years I have always been rather lazy about training my pet. I would off and on stick him in for a session, but then quickly forget to maintain the training. So I buckled down and decided to put some effort into it. It was high time to get him into shape.

//A different kind of Customer Support rant.

//There is another confounding issue that  has been arising in the Neopets community since JumpStart acquired Neopets. People seem to be under the misunderstanding that you can contact JumpStarts support staff over a Neopets related issue.

I wonder how many times someone has wandered into a Home Depot and asked them to make a drill. . .

FYI: Home Depot doesn’t make drills, they supply many drills from their vendors like Black & Decker.

In the same way, JumpStarts’ support staff are not trained to handle Neopets related issues, you can’t walk into a Home Depot and request them to build you a drill.  It blows my mind how many people think that JumpStart can swoop in and have the know-how and training to fix Neopets issues just because they now own the company. Neopets is Black & Decker! You go to Black & Decker to get a drill built, and you go to Neopets for Neopets support!

This is why Neopets has a support staff. That staff is hired to deal with Neopets support. JumpStart staff is hired to deal with Jumpstart issues.

If you contact a JumpStart support staff, how the blazin’ heck do you expect them to do something on Neopets when:

A) They don’t have access to the Neopets database, and

B) they have no training to deal with any of the issues people complain about.

One of the complaints I’ve seen sent to JumpStart is for UC pets. Like JumpStart even knows what a UC pet is. Hello, this is the Neopets universe, not everyone outside the Neopets universe knows what UC means.

Just think about what job you currently have (or want to have if you don’t work), do you think you can fix people’s problems from some other department/work that is not your own?

Neopets users need to read this wonderful blog called NotAlwaysRight.com, it’s filled with some amazing stories about people who just don’t understand jobs, the work industry, support, or how basic things happen in life.

So if you think it is your civic duty to contact JumpStart support over a Neopets related issue, that should be taken to Neopets support, then perhaps you need to take a moment to think about what you are doing first.

//Yes, we can all agree that Neopets support is one of the worst on the planet. No, we really don’t know what the reasons for that is. Are they incompetent? Are they poorly trained? Are their hands tied behind their backs? Do they have their heads in a fish bowl? Are they understaffed? Or just misunderstood by backwards polices and undiscerning rules?

Don’t really know, but it is their job, and we only have them to run to when we have problems.

A hope for all Neopians out there, is that with new management, there will be changes to the support system in the future. Until then, we all just have to endure what there is.

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