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I wish I could quit you

It’s an appropriate quote, but it’s not entirely true. Maybe Aruna said it best. :P

//This person went away long before I had to let go. Despite the promises of not going anywhere. I suppose you can never trust a promise though.

The main problem is, I still defend them when someone says something bad about them. My loyalty is my weakest area. No matter what, this person had the ability to control so much about me, and yet, they had no idea.

The whole “dog at the masters feet” syndrome. My happiness and joy revolved around their praise, and my misery on their dismissal. My inability to tell them no. My willingness to fulfill their every request. Using me until I break.

There are more reasons why I left, sure. But this one was probably the biggest.

I know that I can’t quit them. It’s not in my nature to do that. The thought pains me. But at the same time, I have to find new happiness. I have to not be pulled by them. Their pedestal became smaller over the years, but they still remain. So no matter what my loyalties still are, I can still move forward.

//So I’m here, in a new world, starting something new. I don’t know what’s up ahead yet. It’s an adventure! … and so much paperwork xD

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