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//Aura Kingdom – Game Review – Screen shots galore – Loaders be warned.

//The storyline in this game is fantastic. This really doesn’t feel like a multi-player MMO, and i’m not saying that in a bad way, I love it. You have the option to shut off all other players, and you barely notice anyone else around you at all. Solo players dream. There is a special quest chain for parties, and achievements to go along, but they are not required for the main quest chains (or storyline). So far i’ve skipped those to work on the main achievements, as you get better rewards for completing them before x level.

The main story has carried well throughout the game. You are working toward a main goal, instead of it changing as you pass through different areas. There is plenty of little bonus tid-bits to enjoy as you venture about in each area. Silly conversations with locals, the continuing Romeo and Juliet saga, and random oddities strewn about the land.

//I went Duelist! O: She does crazy flips and swings swords around, she’s amazing! I went with Duelist/Guardian, so far i’m loving this duo, although I am curious about the yet-to-be-released class.

//You are paired up with an Eidolon, and your character dejects it from the start. She wants to be rid of it, and fears it taking over and turning into a monster.  Poor Eidolon ;-; It’s okay, I want to keep you <3

//You can earn and unlock more Eidolons, as well as level them up and trade out your main party for different ones.  So far the main quest line has unlocked 3, and it looks to be difficult to create new ones from materials.

Come at me, Bro!

I’m a Turret! o:

//One of the main reasons I can’t see playing this game in-party is all the cut scenes and quests that take you (solo) out of the main world to complete a task. Many times, you are given the task to complete the quest as a NPC. So you basically become that NPC, and are taken out of the main world to do the quest, and then returned after you have completed it.

Sorry dwarves, I didn’t mean to kill the princess… it told me to give her the apple ;-; *runs away*

//I also spend a lot of time reading the storyline, and extras. Most MMO’s I just skip through it because it’s rather irrelevant to leveling up, and not much of a point of knowing what is going on. However, in Aura Kingdom, the story is everything that you are working towards. I’m very engaged in it, and I hope they manage to stretch it out for a few hundred levels.  Story = ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

//In conclusion, although the game just released to open beta, it has so much going for it, and potential for many more things to come.

//More screenshots of random gameplay.

Aww, how cute ^^’


fairies like honey?

Make like a tree and… no.

He…he found HIS OWN DEAD BODY! Saddest moment ever D:

Big Dragon :D

Another dragon o:

coo, cooooo o-o’ My AOE skill screwed me here, as I only meant to hit the yellow one xD

….I could see that coming… >_>

This was “Shun the Non-Believer” …and I should have seen that coming since I had to take him to Charlie…


They’ll never know o:

It always has to be spiders… ):

He’s no Alec, he’s better ;)

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  1. March 23, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Your screenshots have very funny descriptions ;) Are you going to write more about this game?

  2. March 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Sure, there is still a number of things I need to work on in-game, so i’ll be taking screenshots (:

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