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//Giving [strength].

//I saw her standing [strong]. I could see how each of those painful words drove in deep, but she stayed on her feet. Not stubbornly, but [steadfast]. It wasn’t pride that held her back, but her reason to [protect].

//I witnessed a strangers [heart] today. You pass by so many faces each day, but rarely get a glimpse into their worlds. I watched as they treated her like trash, she didn’t even try to fight back, just took every hateful word, every demeaning threat. I felt my own insides churn…. how she could be feeling…

//Took her to lunch. She looked like she needed a [pick-me-up]. Heard her story. She has many things to overcome, and it won’t be easy. I [wish her all the best] <3

Categories: Encouragement, Hugs, Life, Thoughts
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