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//The Lights Are All Aglow

While waiting on more news for ATB’s Contact Album release…

//Myon & Shane 54 – Lights feat. Aruna (5vel Remix)

Some remixes are more amazing than the original versions o_o I love the original mix, it has a more upbeat tempo (dance track). This remix is amazing. It’s more chillstep – melodic dubstep – modern to progressive trance. I lubs it. It makes me all floaty. ^_^ And Aruna’s voice is wonderful.

Pull me in, take me over. Wind me up and pull me closer. Let me lose control tonight with you. Cuz my heart’s on fire, my head is spinning. Round and round, I can’t stop thinking. Of everything I’m dying to let you do.

I wanna be born again. Wanna break you in tonight. I wanna play to win. I can’t hold it in tonight. So come on let’s cross to the other side. Hold on tight, just close your eyes and listen. And listen. And listen.

The lights are all aglow. And all the world is waiting. So tell me can I sing to you tonight. I wanna sing to you tonight. Just let it all unload. Cuz life’s so complicated. Tell me can I sing to you tonight. I wanna sing to you tonight.

//Avicii & Project 46 – Crime feat. You & Daphne (Culture Code Remix)

Stumbled upon recently. Avicii has made his mark in the mainstream music, but i’m sure most people don’t realize his electronic music background. I mostly know his remixes though. Mmm, this one is tasty. It still has some free downloads available.

You speak the truth. But all I hear are masquerading lies. I’m learning from the shadows. I was right. The rules are broken like my heart tonight.

So break the laws of time. These moments can’t rewind. Cause this love is a crime. This love is a crime. A crime.

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