//I mean, filing for legal action to be taken last time proved to be worthwhile. International law however, will take time and could be terribly exhausting to work through. Although, i’m only slightly intrigued by that. Luckily I have mountains of stuff, I mean, I store everything. Habitual now.

//I know jealously is the major factor behind why people choose to do these things. Especially of someone you don’t know xD . But how do you beat a dead horse? It’s dead, it’s not gonna move. There is no reason behind it. Which is why reason fails.

//The only other option I can think of is a conference. I did that in the past too. It actually worked out well. But in this case, I have no urge to be involved in it at all. It’s why I remove myself from people of this nature. But it’s like, no matter how much you dust yourself off, they cling on. o_O’ – I need to invest in jealously-be-gone.

//It’s not about getting a resolve, it’s about stopping stupidity.

//I mean, with what time I have left. There are better things.

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