//The Third Wheel…

//Like, does anyone really need one?

So this one shows up out of nowhere. Can’t even fathom where it came from. It was feeling abandoned and neglected I suppose, cause it just jumped right in to a situation that in no way pertained to it and somehow made it their own. Got right and cozy in there. I’m just looking down at it and thinking, um what? Like why man? What purpose did that serve?

I don’t even know why it is here. No one called it over, no one needed this broken down thing. It’s rather useless. It can’t do anything, it has no place here.

It latches itself on good and tight too. Like a leach. You flick it away, and it comes back to keep sucking on. It needs a lifeline to feel secure, to feed off of.

It’s not going to fix it. Yup, still broken as all heck. No one is going to bother to keep maintenance on it. They all just want to be rid of it. Not like I could pass it off to someone else, no one would take it. Useless trash.

So I’m off to find a suitable garbage heap for it. Dumping it off into a wasteland to rot. It’s been limping along long enough, time to put it out of it’s misery.



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