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//Polar Bears! Another set of image loading of doom screenshots.

//I love the icy world, it’s pretty :D

//Just riddin’ my boar

//Killing pot monsters :D The cactus is cute, shame we had to kill it.

//More questing, monsters and turtles!

//Looking back at this screenshot, it looks like you are pushing me into the whirlpool ):

//Baby Alpaca! *pets*

//Hey, Ironman is in this game o_o

// xD female version… wtf

//Dungeons, dungeons and more dungeons! Leveling has slowed, so we have been spending a lot of time in dungeons. Headless and pantsless monsters, the slapping gorillas, bats and the ones I call Tonu o:

//Hello fishies o:

//Another dungeon

//I’m not going to explain this ;P Alec and I had a thing, it was special.

//That’s all for now O: !

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