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//So in less than a weeks time, we have caught up (and now gone over) Nic’s character level :D Shhh, he’s been playing 2 months. So let us commence the sharing of many screenshots.

//Cause dancing like dorks in the middle of town is fun :D













//We should have brought a picnic

//The new costume. Schoolgirl :D Don’t worry, she’s legal ;) The teddy bear packpack is the cutest o:























//If your mount was a rooster, I’d make the joke I’ve been dying to make forever. *cough* And I’ve decided my boar needs to be shot, for having the case of the stupids.

//Nic’s puppy is shineh *_*

//Next costume!

//Poof! This skill is pretty fun. Makes avoiding mobs easier ;-;

//It was time to visit the chicks again. D’aww, so cute :D

//The view from home is pretty nice. Needs more rugs though o:

//Lulz. Now he’s the one looking like a school girl. xD Nekomimi Nic

//I have a new costume now, it’s pretty awesome. But screenshots will come later. Cause I’m tired of editing them :P

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