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//My…my favorite shipping pair in fanmade MV’s … The feels. I can’t o_o

//First of all, thanks to TheNerjaveika for putting these together. They made this fangirl squeel. *nods*  So all credit goes to Nerjav.

//The beautiful bromance of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk <3 The fact that these two are really close friends is what made their characters performance so much more emotionally powerful. Ah! They definately make the best pairing of the year.

//You promised forever • Heung Soo & Nam Soon • School 2013

The majority of the video footage is from School 2013 – and wow, she managed to give the phrase “I want to eat ramen” a whole new meaning *winkwink* Some stuff happens in this that *cough* didn’t happen in the series xD lol. Caution to some viewers :P

//Kim Woo Bin & Lee Jong Suk – Pictures

This one is cool, because the footage is taken from different series that they never appeared in together at all. The manips are well placed, and tell a whole new story.

//Nam Soon & Heung Soo – Way back home – School 2013

All from School 2013 – just a wonderful MV from the series :D

//I love that they keep making appearances together. *swoon* They make fangirls happy.

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