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…I’ve had to deal with this for far too long. The battle takes a reprieve….


//Two weeks ago, the pain stopped. Granted, I was tired of the pain, yet I thought maybe I didn’t feel it anymore because I got used to it. Not that getting use to pain is something that one should/can do. But since it had been such a constant, it seemed as though I had tricked myself into not feeling it.

I used to long for just one day without it. When I wished for it, it never happened. I kept telling myself, just last 24 hours. I never got such breaks. For it to last 2 weeks now is more than I asked for.

I’ve still had some pain since then. But more in a sense that it’s trying to let me not forget that I’m still not well, rather than being something that was just always there.  I don’t expect it to go away forever. I think it makes me more nervous that it stopped. Thinking about when it will come back, how bad it will be. Cause sure enough it will, right?

Maybe it’s testing me. eh. Just because it’s not there, doesn’t change the outcome. At least it was being more honest with it’s reminder.


//Heading back in a few days though! :D Plaaaaaytiimme :3

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