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Coast//To Coast

This particular story from Clients from Hell reminded me of a funny story.


Client: We would like to have a shot of the sun rising and setting over the ocean.

Me: We can shoot the sunset, but it’s impossible to get the sunrise right.

Client: Why?

Me: Well, the sun rises from the East. The coast we are shooting from is on the western part of the country.

Client: So what?

Back when my sister was dating her current husband, we were all in the Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz area. So it’s pretty close to the ocean.  They decided to go on a date to see the sun rise over the ocean. They met up extra early, and climb down to the beach.  They were there for some time, and relayed this story about how they started to realize it was getting light out. Surely the sunrise will be happening soon, right? Took awhile for it to finally click that we are on the West coast, and the sun rises in the East, and sets in the West. :P


Such a dorky cute couple :P


I miss seeing them a lot. I can’t make it up there for the holidays. I might be able to go in February when we are putting in new kitchen cabinets into the house. Cabinets go in whether I make it or not, since Stan and Mary will be making the trip to do the work.

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