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Lost//PET ;-;

So, today while playing a game of Pyramids, my pet got lost ):

Ironically, notice what he is saying as this happens. "How can I show my face in the Battledome like this?" … was that a hint?

So my fire Kacheek is missing! *searches*

I think I prefer to see my pet while playing. That is the point of playing Neopets anyway right? We had this discussion on Skype just yesterday. How we feel that pets should be a more prominent part of your daily Neopets experience. Not so much the customization, but the interaction you have with your pet.
So, I would love to have a pet I can see, rather than an invisible pet. My quest now is to decide what to repaint him. I have these choices for paint brushes available.
ORRRRR…I could use the FFQ that I have been saving.

So I have the option to go back to having a fire Kacheek once more. Or I can paint him another color. These are all the color choices available to a Kacheek (minus the ones not available via the Fountain).

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  1. February 11, 2012 at 10:17 am

    :o !!!

    If you are going to use a paint brush you already have, my vote would go towards either Fire again, or Cloud!

    If you decide to use your FFQ, I vote Island, Plushie or White! I always wanted a Faerie Kacheek, but since all of the revamping.. I just don’t know anymore. I understand that they did the revamps in regards to wearables, but I really miss the old versions of most painted pets. ;_;

    And ps, LOL at the Maraquan Kacheek… looks like a cross between a poogle and a goldfish xD

  2. Sharkattacktigers
    June 22, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    A JELLY KACHEEK! So. Classic.

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