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I forgot how to blog! ….my excuse.

*coughcough* dusty here.

//Summers misadventures are coming to an end. Chris graduating, Rocco getting married, I haven’t seen Carolyn since early May ;-; Bluurrg! need to remedy that.

//Anime convention is coming up in a month! :D Still don’t think i’ll do the whole cosplay thing. Just too weird to be all dressed up while riding on Bart. *nods*

//Fountain Faerie Quest – yet another completed :D but I haven’t decided what pet to paint. I’ll have to consider the new Water color, but it might be awhile before more pets are made available in that color. ):

//JN I’m not sure what i’m working on anymore. My duty list keeps getting shortened every time I turn around. More time for gaming I guess. Also working to detach the hoover. Would be nice to find some particular thing I want to focus on.

//Desktops – I recently went on a customizing rampage. My old themes were all similar, and I wanted to change them up. Still needing to tweak them, but i’m experimenting with a few new looks.

  • Blue/Black
  • – This theme is mostly blue and black, looks very nice on the mini. Using Winroll and Rainmeter plus a custom theme
  •  – View of the desktop and widgets and of the color scheme.
  • Icarus Windows theme by Nostromos (minor adjustments)
  • Red/Black
  • – A lot of black and a lot of red o-o
  •  – Using Winroll, Samarize, Logon studio and Rain Meter. Tweaking still in progress.
  • –  Background is also commonly seen in my user icons xD
  • – Mostly use this one for gaming
  • – View of desktop and color theme
  • Auriga Windows Theme by Nostromos
  • Black/Grey
  •  – Found a real basic black theme, but I have no idea what it was called xD My themes tend to be dark…
  • – Using Winroll and Rainmeter
  • – I use this machine the most, so I kept the theme simple.

//Random Stuffs – stuff that sometimes makes sense o_O

where is Rosie when you need her?

This make sense, right? …no? o.o

so easily amused xP

Ah, whenever you go on a moo craze, I think of the moo toy i’ve had for years. So I let the kitty play with it :D Yes, because I know you hate cats. Kitty tried to eat it o:  …which gave her mono ):  (yes, that is the mono plushie! )

//The End

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