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So, i’ve had my fangirl moment for the week.

Over the years, i’ve had various communications with different TNT  staff members. The ones that respond back, or take the time to look into situations always leave a good impression.

It seems Snarkie bounces around to all kinds of projects on Neopets. I often wonder how that works. Do they pick straws and go work in teams?  o: Who knows, but it makes me curious sometimes how they function xD

Anyway, with the Habitarium going into Premium Beta (again), i’ve been checking out all the new changes and additions. I do like this version much better than the older one. Some say the art isn’t as fancy, but I like some of the structures now more than the previous version xD It’s now a flash/browser game, so no downloading required, and it is much more user/computer friendly.

Still some things I  wonder about. In the old version, we were able to transfer items from the game into our inventory on neopets. This would have been a feature that would have allowed selling/trade of the items collected in game. Currently, this is not an option, although they did add a ‘gifting’ option.

So far they haven’t brought back the factory building. P3’s were able to mix items to create new food items. So far all the p3’s do is fight if it’s a soldier, harvest or lay eggs. 

Anyway, it gave an opportunity to get a neofriend request from Snarkie :D
I keep trying to test out the raiding option with her Habitat, but it continually tells me that she is online, when I can clearly see that she hasn’t been on for a good 4 hours …. *sends in bug report* Shall try again later!

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