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Please don’t make me want you
Although it’s much too late
It’s just a thing we can’t escape
Please don’t make me need you
Let the feeling burn
You know we’ve reached the point of no return
~DJ Encore – Point of No Return


  • Toy Story 3
    Loved it :D I didn’t really cry, like a lot of people say they do xD but there was a few moments in the movie that really pull on your heart strings o: Disney and Pixar finally pulled off an excellent trilogy.
  • The Karate Kid
    I was rather impressed with this version. I went into it thinking it was just another remake, but I had always enjoyed the originals. I hadn’t heard any bad reviews about it, so I decided to see it. Jaden Smith was more than I expected, the kid can act. I was impressed :D
    I loved that it was a completely different story, rather than retelling the old version. Lots of beautiful scenery shots of China too :3


  • I always get the feeling that the weekend just went by too fast, but as I found here, It could be worse xP
vicious monday

  • Canadian bacon! xD I think despite the entire conversation being about grades, I was most amused that Canada’s downfall was round bacon.

  • I’ve actually had dreams where I thought I was underwater and ended up holding my breath in my sleep. What is worse, drowning in water….or drowning in sleep?….
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