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It’s been ages since i’ve been on Flyff D: I had wanted to play, but I never had time, and I knew I would be starting a new character from scratch again with a server move. Dx
I figured I might have about a good week to actually do this :D I not only redownloaded Flyff, I also got Luna xD I like playing Luna, because it has new places to explore :3 I’m making this character so she can solo, she’s pretty tough o:


They give out tons of enhancing items and costume wearables. I think it’s because the game is still new, so they are promoting them :P But it’s fun to play with the fun freebies you get. I had some other costumes, but I either sold them, or i’m not using currently xP These two screenies show the worm that gives + on all stats, and the second shows the antenna that gives wisdom and int stats.

You have 4 options for flying equips. I chose the black wings. Now she floats o:

And yes Jeff, I have been leveling my mage on flyff :D She’s currently L20. I’m thinking about getting her the cash shop black wings, because they look hawt o:
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