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I tend to nab new music every few months. I like to find stuff that isn’t played on local radio. Some of my favorite music that I have collected has been found purely by accident. I love those finds.

Most recent interesting ones to be added to the collection:

  • Tae Yang – I need a girl
    – The first part of this video is purely fan service o_o’ The actual video for the song doesn’t start until 2:17


  • Namie Amuro – Break It

  • Namie Amuro – Get Myself Back
    – Woo, Namie will have 2 new singles out this month :D (no good links, as Avextrax makes it impossible to enjoy their best artist)
  • Yui – Again
    – Theme song from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (which I’m watching). I couldn’t really find any good quality videos for this, I have a feeling they get taken down. So if this one dies, oh well :P (EDIT: see it died already O: )
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