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Okay, so i’ve lacked on even random updates lately. But the month of May was just a whirlwind of events.  Not only did the Tarla event start, but I was planning a trip and expecting company in early May.

Tarla-Duty: Basically this involved – Mind numbing staring, endless refreshing, searching, sending twitter alerts, and updating newspost. But managing that for 12+ (varies) hours a day for a month….It’s no wonder we became slightly loopy at times. You try to keep your brain functioning throughout the day by coming up with strange lyrics to send with the twitter alerts or beating Dave at RT :D ! Other keys to surviving is plenty of snacks, internet radio, itunes library, random chats. Always remember to stretch and make quick dashes to other undisclosed locations regularly o:
It was nice to have that week long break from Tarla for vacation. Thanks to all those that took Tarla-Duty rotations during that time. :D

Vacation: Well, vacation actually started for me when I had a bunch of family staying over for the weekend. They came down for my cousin’s wedding that weekend and stayed with me :D And then that following week I went up north to visit with more family (: It was also my birthday, so we went out and did some fun things. My sister made me a cake o: It was brownie…with peanut butter filling…omg! It was sooooo rich and sooo good. *_* We went shopping, hiking, riding the ATV quads, and playing Mario Wii games. (gaming is kinda big with me, my sister and brother in law, it’s crazy xP ).
My nephew is hilarious :D He break dances at weddings, and we even went to this mexican restaurant and he was dancing to the music they played while we waited on the food. The owner and waiters were also entertained by him and they clapped and cheered as he danced :D

Quotes: I’ve gathered a few quotes that amused me. Do enjoy :D

Scooby Snack!


Sure, she made me lose the game D:


Neggs and Utility Fish! – A story about his love for neggs and fish :P

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