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Sakura: Are you going to buy a bear Tomoyo-chan?
Tomoyo: For me, if the one I love most is happy, then so am I.
Sakura: You don’t care if they don’t love you back?
Tomoyo: It would be wonderful if they loved me back, but it is not necessary. As long as they are happy then I am too.
Sakura: The person you love must be really happy, Tomoyo-chan.
Tomoyo: Do you think so?
Sakura: Of course!
Thank you.
~ Sakura, Syaoran and the Invisible Threads (Episode 50)

Tomoyo herself does not express, or otherwise appear to possess, any feelings of jealousy or resentment toward those that Sakura has romantic feelings for. She instead is completely selfless and loves Sakura to the point where as long as Sakura is happy, Tomoyo is happy, regardless of whom Sakura ultimately loves. In one conversation, Tomoyo has stated to Sakura that she would of course be thrilled if the person whom she loves also loves her back, but what matters most to her is simply that person’s happiness.
Sakura’s response, unknowing that this "person" is herself, replies confidently, "The person you love must be really happy then."

~Tomoyo Daidoji [Character Profile]

"Like you, just like you, I want to be someone who can give courage to others" 
  ~ Tomoe (To My Friend) - Sakura and Tomoyo's Lost Voice (Episode 37)

I love how I can go back and watch this so again and again, and each time get something new from it. Not that the show changes, but things around me that have changed, or made me think differently about things.
One thing I love about the character Tomoyo, is her selfless nature. She is a great support character and builds the people up around her to become stronger. Although there may be things she wants, "some feelings are best left in the heart". She would rather see the person she cares about happy, than to pursue what she desires.
Sometimes you feel that way about people in life. You can’t control how they live life, or decide things for them; but you support them and want them to grow and be happy. And nothing more than that could make you happier.

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