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I’ve been lazy D: I haven’t been saving quotes.


“Terry” 9:29 pm Hmmmmm. I just had a “great” idea
Nynex 9:29 pm “oh?”
“Terry” 9:29 pm Yes, let’s “arbitrarily” use quotes :P
um, well, it’s not so great. but anyways
Nynex 9:30 pm “…”


“Mike” 11:27 am you fertilized me
“Mike” 11:27 am i mean
Nynex 11:27 am hahah
“Mike” 11:27 am my farm ;P
Nynex 11:27 am wasn’t going to ask how that works
“Mike” 11:27 am lol


“Mike” 11:36 am i have lots of mastery signs B)
“Mike” 11:39 am they should have a crop called debater
“Mike” 11:40 0m so i can be a master debater :P
Nynex 11:40 am xD
“Mike” 11:40 am bahahaha i just made myself laugh

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