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Your Contagious Smile

I’m super excited! ^_^
My sister & family have started on the process of adopting a baby. :3

There is no one in my family (immediate or extended) that is adopted, but I always felt strongly about it if I was ever at a point in my life where I could do that. So when I found out my sister was going to adopt, I was thrilled!
My aunt once tried to adopt her sister-in-laws children when their mother passed away, but she was never able to get custody of them. They ended up going into foster care. I thought that was pretty rotten of the state to allow that to happen. They would have gone to live with family, and had a stable home, yet they denied it.

The process of getting a baby could take awhile. From a few months, to a year or more. So there is a lot to be hopeful for. :D

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