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Soul Eater – Finished

Finished the Soul Eater series. It was really good. Quite a number of funny tidbits, like Death the Kid’s obsession with symmetry, the Blair witch cat, and Excalibur (baka!). My favorite villain was Medusa. There was a number of great battles between her and the Shibusen Students, (as well as teachers). Soul and Maka are my favorite meister/weapon match. Yes, so they are the main ones, but I love them :3 Second fav match would be Death the Kid with Liz & Patty, Then Black Star & Tsubaki.

I also really loved the opening and ending theme songs ;o And a great way to give previews without doing spoilers ;P
Opening 1
Opening 2 – Paper moon (favorite)

Ending 1 (cool)
Ending 2
Ending 3 (this one is cool too o: )
Ending 4 (love it!)

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