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I’m Just Waiting For You To Say The Word


blerg, I’ve been lacking on my updating :P
So a quick rundown. My sister was suppose to be coming down for a visit this month, but that got postponed. They were having to take Ethan to see some specialists up in Portland. Ethan, ever since he could walk, has always walked on the ball of his foot (practically on tip toes). And for years they’ve attempted to coach him into walking with his foot flat, but it’s not easy to convince a kindergartener how to walk properly. It’s gotten to the point where he says it hurt, or feels uncomfortable to flatten his foot. The tendons in his feet are not being stretched. It’s possible they will start a casting treatment on him in June to get him to stretch his feet flat. They wanted to start him on it sooner so he would be done with it before he starts school next year. But they’ve had to go in to see different doctors about it, and it was delayed till June.

Picture is from last summer, with his friend from school – She’s in love with him ;o
So, they postponed their visit down here until this next month! They have been making arrangements to come in a few weeks. So yay! ;D
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  1. Tianna o:
    March 25, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    O: I wanna hold ethan’s hand ! /jealous

    such cute pictures :3

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