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Flyff – Lord Bang and Chocobo Hunting!

Character – xNynex – Magician – Level 49

So now I’ve managed to get quite a few people playing ;P
Zador, Michael, Steve, Chris and Tianna! (Tianna just joined, yay!) I still need screenies of Chris and Tianna!

So, from the last post, I didn’t get to mention that I can now fly! ;o Flying is fun. Pekka caught up to me in levels in no time at all. But that made it even more fun, because then I had someone to party with and work on quests. (: And now we have Michael as our healer, so we can hunt monsters higher than out level range. He’s only killed me a few times o;

So one day they helped me finish the lord bang quest.
First time…yeah I died…stupid rock got in my way and I hit the bang ;-;
Second try…yeah I died again…stupid thing attacked me when I was AFK!!! ;-;
Third time …was the charm ;D We finally beat him.
And here is some action of Michael resurrecting and healing me after the lord bang killed me.

I have some video of the Lord Bang hunt, but I have yet to do anything with it. There will be a screenie of him included at the bottom of the post.
So the next fun adventure we went on was in the dungeon on Saint Morning. There is this HUGE CHOCOBO down there. I couldn’t solo it yet, so Pekka and Michael came down there to, and we killed like 8 of them I think.
Here is a list of some other screenies, and i’m not going to post any of the naughty ones ;P

I’m Flying!
Pekka’s new equips – He didn’t like them-
Killing Lord Bang
Broom stand off
Michael Died ;-;
Flying with Pekka
Steve stares at my outfit
Hanging out in Saint Morning
Pekka is soloing Chocobo!
We all kill Chocobo! :D
Michael’s suicide tanking isn’t needed :P

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  1. February 12, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Whee, I can’t even see myself on the “Killing Lord Bang” screenshot xD
    Aww, you have the stand off too xD I also have that :P
    I’m jealous of Steve :( He saw your outfit before I did.
    I love my Chocobo <3 I wish he was a pet :(
    I like “We all kill Chocobo! :D”
    Michael IS excellent at that type of tanking :D

    Nice screenshots!

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