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Soul Eater

My new anime obsession is Soul Eater. If you are a fan of Shonen anime’s like Naruto or Bleach, you would love this series. The art style is pretty cool. I’m used to the more cute, fluffy style of shojo (yay Clamp), but I fell in love with this show after seeing a preview of it in the Resonant Discord AMV by Chiikaboom. Funimation has licenced it, so you should be seeing it shortly from them. (and you can watch the trailer there).

FMA2 News: The next version of Full Metal Alchemist looks like it will be out soon. I believe it’s going to follow the manga story more unlike the first version. The character art of the anime now looks a lot like the manga. I’m curious how they plan to retell the series.

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  1. February 11, 2009 at 12:48 am

    (Non-Dandy) Daniel also likes Soul Eater :P

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