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So the past few weekends I’ve been puppy-sitting for a friend. It’s the cutest little girl toy poodle, all white and fluffy. :3 My last two dogs were toy poodles, so this makes me want another one soooooo bad ;-; Her name is Joy, and she’s so sweet. She loves to come sit on my lap, or be held like you would hold a baby, and she rests her head on your shoulders. It’s so cute. And she’s super light, unlike the male toy poodles I’ve had. When you hold them they would feel like a ton of bricks xD

I miss having a dog D:
Arf.Arf. ;-;

Categories: Life
  1. Suzuka
    February 8, 2009 at 11:13 am

    I miss having puppies too ;_; I just want my own little happy farm xD Puppies and kitties and horses and cows…

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