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So with HKO down from beta and not up for open gaming, I had to switch gears again. Back to Flyff! Woohoo! I always loved this game, but I had to quit it a few years back, and just never picked it up again. So I am back with a new character. Magician again (I can’t break from that habit).

Currently, I’m up to L19 after just getting first job magician. I got stalled for awhile back at L15 cause I lacked the items for the job quest ;-; But Jeff to the rescue! reminded me of a trick to get them for free ;D Thank you Jeff!

I need more time for training. I get annoyed that when I alt/tab out of the game to check stuff online I end up getting disconnected from the server x_x I’m bad with remembering locations, so I have to check maps constantly so I can’t find quest locations!

I always have fun with the camera angles while playing. I’ll be smacking some monster and at the same time zoom and roam looking at the surrounding locations xD
I can’t wait for the spring when the trees change and it rains ;3 Right now we have snow events, they are pretty ^_^

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