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A Poem By Wayne

Wayne shared a poem he was working on one evening for a class. I loved it, not even sure what he calls it D: He deserves major huggles for this one!
It’s so sad ;-; But I told him I wanted to post it anyway.

I thought I had the perfect friend,
but then it all came to an end.
I thought I found someone right,
but my happiness had blocked my sight.

I thought it was just a phase,
that it would end in a few days.
I knew you weren’t like all the rest,
I guess I failed the friendship test.

I guess I didn’t have the guts,
to tell you the pain was like paper cuts.
But now I know, real friends stay true,
they don’t turn their backs, unlike you.

You tore my heart, it’s scarred for life.
It’s in a million pieces cut by a knife.
I tried to use the finest glue,
But glue wont make our friendship new.


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