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HKO Christmas!

Okay, a bit late in posting this, but it’s been super busy o:

The HKO’s Founders Christmas Reunion!

We were all invited to come back once again before the open game to test some features like the item mall. But we also got to do some special quests for holiday wearable items. So things like santa hats, santa beards, costumes and the spirit of Christmas effect (looks like snowflakes around your character). For one of the quests, you got to chose between the snowman or gingerbread man costume. I decided to get the gingerbread man (:
I did finish all the holiday quests. The two worsts quests were gathering 1250 snow to make 100 snowballs, and the smorgasbord quests. Felt like I was on my farm forever x_x

my pet ‘rawr’d’ at Santa D:
Ugg, one of the more unfortunate updates was the talking pets…my pet would not shut up. He was the rudest thing too. Wanted to smack him. He’d be all "are we there yet" "all the other pets have better food" and many more. He was full of complaints and was very annoying. Thats why I was more than happy to let him starve and he went back into his home to leave me in peace. (=

Now for the farming portion. We grew Snowmen! :D They start out as a pile of slush, then they grow-up! :D That’s the cute part, however harvesting 1250 snow from them and the hours it took was not cute at all.

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