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Save the Fairyland we live in
Where all failings are forgiven
Feel like hunted by a griffin
I’m falling straight down

Catch my daydream, catch my fall
                ~Fairyland – Angelzoom

Christmas was Fantastic! (=
Oh man! So many people over, it was crazy for days ;D Omg we had soooo many sweets @_@’
And technically my christmas isn’t even over yet o= I have one more surprise. ^_^

I was watching this Japanese film the other day called ‘Tada Kimi Wo Aishteru
It was such a great story. And so sad too ;-; I loved the ending where he thinks back to all the things she said to him, and only then realizes the true meaning of it all.
I came across it while going through some of the Aun studios downloads.

Lulz. Matchu created the ‘Dave in a Brain Tree’ item ;3
It is now a pwnt Advent item. :D

We had so much fun with the jnHoliday message this year o: And Rosie is amazing! <3

OOH! If anyone is a fan of Soul Eater, watch this video o:

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