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HKO: Founders Beta comes to a close ):

Yesterday was the last day in the Hellokittyonline founders beta. I rushed around all day leveling up stats and getting all the items I could to catch up. Won’t be able to play again for another month ):

I finally got my pet. It’s a doggy o: (although it looks just like the cur monsters xD ). I got it up to level 5. He’s kinda funny when he zig-zags around behind you.

So I finally joined a guild. I had seen them quite a few times when roaming around in the worlds. The guild is "Super cute" and one of the members I know from pwnt! o: We thought it was funny to run into each other in the game. xD

So those of us that were on during the last GM events decided to take some guild screenshots.

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  1. Fyora
    November 10, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    xD I just remembered that I got a beta code from the time I downloaded Portal Prelude (it was also featured on the download site) but I never used it xD

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