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Dango Daikazoku

The chummy dango hold their hands together and make a big, round ring
They build a town on the dango planet and everyone laughs together
The rabbit is trying to wave in the sky; the huge moon
Is rounding up everything, happy things and sad things, too

Dango Daikazoku lyrics

See, not all great conversations have to make any sense at all ;D
So yeah, that was literally the entire conversation that day. xD WNNR!

(5:02:08 PM) [o.o] Ryan | Scar | Sticky [o.o]: SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE
(5:02:37 PM) [o.o] Ryan | Scar | Sticky [o.o]: DOT DOT
(5:02:53 PM) Nynex: OH OH
(5:03:05 PM) [o.o] Ryan | Scar | Sticky [o.o]: denpa-kun!
(5:03:25 PM) Nynex: PIKACHU!
(5:03:32 PM) [o.o] Ryan | Scar | Sticky [o.o]: ;o
(5:03:36 PM) Nynex: o=

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