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Day By Day

oooh, so as soon as the new Big Bang mini-album news surfaced I fell in love with Haru Haru. And thanks to Snoop and his friends “azn connection” (lawl) we both scored the rest of the Stand up albums tracks.

So, the storyline in this video is that G-Dragon’s girl is seeing this other guy (Top). So G-Dragon and the boi’s get in an arguement with Top, and a fight starts. G-Dragon is all torn up about his girl leaving him. Later we see that the girl is very sick, as her hair is falling out from cancer treatments, and she is in the hospital. Tae calls up G-Dragon to tell him that she is in the hospital dying, and he comes running to see her. When he gets to the hospital, he runs into Top in the hallway, and Top stops him. He tells G-Dragon that she had always loved him and returned the ring to G-Dragon that belonged to the girl. She had tried to hide the fact that she was sick from G-Dragon, and to make him not love her anymore because she knew she was dying.
So the video is rather sad ;-; but the song is amazing!

Found an english sub for this one – Big Bang – Haru Haru

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