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Pieces of you

every little piece of you
I love you

You know I do
I do love you
Your tired image
Your retreating silhouette
Your eyes
Your hands
I want to breathe looking into your eyes forever
I want to turn back time already

– Sonny’s The Daily Sheep Fail week! A whole week of the best fails on the internet. xP The Daily Sheep was full of LOL’s all week.
– Yay for Christmas in July Advent! Best Prize so far is the Suzukaberry ;3

Oh! A ripe Suzuka!

– Best Random Event ad of the week:

Thanks for the education Josh!

– Private servers are FTW! Leveling is so much fun. Being able to use 4th job skills is so hawt! And free NX items. I changed outfits almost everytime I got on. Too bad I didn’t screenie more of them. Image on the left, is snoop, myself and Danny. We were just sitting around doing nothing really. xP Image on the right is Justin. I never managed to get an image of Zach’s character.

Chain Lighting is ♥
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